Serialized Form

Package net.lucidviews.util

Class net.lucidviews.util.Counter extends VariableLong implements Serializable

Class net.lucidviews.util.EnumValue extends Object implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


String _textValue
The user-friendly name associated with this enumeration value.


boolean _isCaseSensitive
A flag indicating if the text value is case sensitive.


int _index
The index of this value within the enumeration.

Class net.lucidviews.util.IllegalNullValueException extends IllegalArgumentException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 4174398210657169458L

Class net.lucidviews.util.Properties extends Properties implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 0L

Serialized Fields


String _sourceDescription
A description of where the properties were defined.


File _sourceFile
The file used to persist these property values.

Class net.lucidviews.util.PropertyException extends Exception implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


String _propertySource
A description of where the properties were read from.


String _propertyKey
The key that references the property that was missing/invalid.


String _propertyValue
The value of the property that was not valid.

Class net.lucidviews.util.VariableDouble extends VariableNumber implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


double value
The underlying value.

Class net.lucidviews.util.VariableLong extends VariableNumber implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


long value
The underlying value.

Class net.lucidviews.util.VariableNumber extends Number implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


boolean secure
Flag set once the value has been fixed, effectively making the number immutable.

Package net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing

Class net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.JFileSaver extends JPanel implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 7392555196376284391L

Serialized Fields


JTextField path
The text field used to display/input the file path.


JButton chooseButton
Button that opens the file chooser dialog.


JButton saveButton
Button that triggers the file to be saved.


ActionListener saveListener
The listener that will react to the save button being pressed, or null if no listener is registered.

Class net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.JImage extends JComponent implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


Image _image
The image to be displayed.


Dimension _imageSize
The (original) size of the image.


Dimension _displaySetting
The algorithm used to determine the size of the displayed image based upon the available area in which to display it.


Dimension _displaySize
The size of the rendered image.


int _displayScaling
The algorithm used to scale the original image to the displayed (re-sized) image. The algorthim can be changed to improve quality or performance.


float _xAlignment
Horizontal alignment of the image within the available space (0.0: left; 1.0: right).


float _yAlignment
Vertical alignment of the image within the available space (0.0: top; 1.0: bottom)


Image _displayImage
The image that gets displayed (a re-sized copy of _image)


Point _displayPosition
The pixel position of the top-right corner of the image relative to the top-right corner of the available area.


boolean _paintRequested
Flag set when the paint method is called and reset once the image has been successfully painted (i.e. flag is on if the image needs repainting).

Class net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.JLettersPanel extends JPanel implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


Border _defaultBorder
The border, if no other is specified, to use around each text component that displays a letter.


JLabel[] _letters
Text components, one for each letter.

Class net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.JWebAddress extends JPanel implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -1843481009247561553L

Serialized Fields


Collection<E> listeners
Registered listeners, waiting for notification of a change of address.


URL currentAddress
The last confirmed address. This may not match the address currently typed into the input box.

See Also:


JLabel label
The label that prompts the user to enter a web address.


JTextField inputField
The input field into which the user types the web address. NB: the text in the input field will only match the current address after the user confirms the address (by pressing return) and the parent component confirms the address exists and is now being used.

See Also:

Class net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.JWebAddress.WebAddressActionEvent extends ActionEvent implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -6512991428482876064L

Serialized Fields


URL webAddress
The URL of the web address .

Class net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.JWebAddress.WebAddressDropTarget extends DefaultSwingDropTarget implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 8183501853823908677L

Serialized Fields


JWebAddress webAddressComponent
The component that will receive the URL being dropped.

Package net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.dnd

Class net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.dnd.DefaultDropTarget extends DropTarget implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -9212470261637617473L

Serialized Fields


int supportedActions
A bit mask of flags for actions supported by this target.


boolean canImport
A flag to remember whether import is being allowed for each drop event sent to this target.

Class net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.dnd.DefaultSwingDropTarget extends DefaultDropTarget implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 793459131256841519L

Serialized Fields


JComponent target
The component that is the target of dropped content.

Package net.lucidviews.util.text

Class net.lucidviews.util.text.ParseValueException extends Exception implements Serializable

Class net.lucidviews.util.text.Strings.EnumValueMustBeValid extends EnumValue<Strings.EnumValueMustBeValid> implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -5121412110436726247L