Class JWebAddress.WebAddressDropTarget

  extended by java.awt.dnd.DropTarget
      extended by net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.dnd.DefaultDropTarget
          extended by net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.dnd.DefaultSwingDropTarget
              extended by net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.JWebAddress.WebAddressDropTarget
All Implemented Interfaces:
DropTargetListener, Serializable, EventListener
Enclosing class:

public static class JWebAddress.WebAddressDropTarget
extends DefaultSwingDropTarget

A DropTarget that accepts addresses dropped onto the input field.
When an address is dropped onto the input field it will replace any text currently in the address box with the new text and highlight the field ready for the user to press return and go to the new address.

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Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
private static long serialVersionUID
          Serialisation version.
protected  JWebAddress webAddressComponent
          The component that will receive the URL being dropped.
Fields inherited from class net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.dnd.DefaultSwingDropTarget
Fields inherited from class net.lucidviews.util.gui.swing.dnd.DefaultDropTarget
canImport, supportedActions
Constructor Summary
JWebAddress.WebAddressDropTarget(JWebAddress webAddressComponent)
          Create a drop target for a web address component.
Method Summary
 void drop(DropTargetDropEvent event)
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dragEnter, dragExit, dragOver, dropActionChanged
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addDropTargetListener, addNotify, clearAutoscroll, createDropTargetAutoScroller, createDropTargetContext, getComponent, getDefaultActions, getDropTargetContext, getFlavorMap, initializeAutoscrolling, isActive, removeDropTargetListener, removeNotify, setActive, setComponent, setDefaultActions, setFlavorMap, updateAutoscroll
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Field Detail


private static final long serialVersionUID
Serialisation version.

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Constant Field Values


protected JWebAddress webAddressComponent
The component that will receive the URL being dropped.

Constructor Detail


public JWebAddress.WebAddressDropTarget(JWebAddress webAddressComponent)
Create a drop target for a web address component.

webAddressComponent - the component that will receive the URLs dropped onto this target
Method Detail


public void drop(DropTargetDropEvent event)

Specified by:
drop in interface DropTargetListener
drop in class DefaultDropTarget