Namespace: limbs

lucid.maps. limbs





<static> LimbMarkerFactoryOptions :object

Name Type Argument Description
map google.maps.Map The map the markers and LIMBs are to be associated with.
markerOptions google.maps.MarkerOptions The settings for the marker shown on the map for these labels. The LimbMarkerFactory will ignore the position property. This will be set when the places are added with a call to addPlaces.
limbOptions lucid.maps.limbs.LimbOptions <optional>
The settings for the LIMB shown on the map for these labels. The LimbMarkerFactory will ignore the marker property. This will be set to the place's marker. The LimbMarkerFactory will ignore the independent property. This will always be false. If undefined the LIMB will take its styling from the marker.
infoBox lucid.maps.limbs.InfoBox <optional>
The class that displays an info box when the user clicks on the label. Leave undefined if no info box should appear.
zoomLevelWhenSelected number <optional>
The zoom level to be used when a marker is clicked. Set this to null if you do not want the zoom to change. Defaults to 16 if not defined.

<static> LimbOptions :object

Name Type Argument Description
hidden boolean <optional>
Whether the LIMB is initially hidden. If so, it can be made visible with a call to show().
independent boolean <optional>
Whether this LIMB is independent of a lucid.maps.limbs.LimbFactory. It is more efficient for a group of LIMBs to be managed by a manager, but if a single LIMB is being displayed then the Limb will manage itself if you set this property to true. The default is true.
marker google.maps.Marker The marker on the map which is to be displayed in the map border when the marker is outside the map's viewport.
icon google.maps.Icon <optional>
Icon specification which must contain the URL and size of the icon image to display.
clickable boolean <optional>
Whether the icon in the map border is clickable. If not defined the clickable setting is taken from the marker.


<static> applyLimbOptions(options, optionsToApply)

Copy lucid.maps.limbs.LimbOptions from one instance to another.Only the settings defined in the 'optionsToApply' object will be copied onto the 'options' object.
Name Type Description
options lucid.maps.limbs.LimbOptions The target instance.
optionsToApply lucid.maps.limbs.LimbOptions Options that take precedence and should be copied into the target object.