Class Strings.EnumValueMustBeValid

  extended by net.lucidviews.util.EnumValue
      extended by net.lucidviews.util.text.Strings.EnumValueMustBeValid
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protected static class Strings.EnumValueMustBeValid
extends EnumValue

Helper class required for exported constant ENUM_VALUE_MUST_BE_VALID, which must be unique/different to avoid confusion with any other value a client may use.

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Field Summary
static Enumeration ENUMERATION
Fields inherited from class net.lucidviews.util.EnumValue
_index, _isCaseSensitive, _textValue, ENUMERATION_FIELD_NAME, UNDEFINED_INDEX
Constructor Summary
protected Strings.EnumValueMustBeValid()
Method Summary
 Enumeration getEnumeration()
          Obtain the enumeration this value belongs to.
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Field Detail


public static final Enumeration ENUMERATION
Constructor Detail


protected Strings.EnumValueMustBeValid()
Method Detail


public Enumeration getEnumeration()
Description copied from class: EnumValue
Obtain the enumeration this value belongs to.
See the class JavaDoc, at the top of this page, for information on how to implement this method correctly.

Specified by:
getEnumeration in class EnumValue
a list of enumeration values that this value is part of