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Babbitt-LA, On-line Tutorial
This tutorial will guide you through some of the more subtle aspects of using Babbitt.
It should be noted this tutorial is not a reference manual nor a complete guide.
I have not laboured to describe every feature of Babbitt. Some of the more obvious features are there for you to discover yourself. For example, I doubt I need to explain what the 'Reset' button on a form does.

Meanwhile the user should note that since this is a tutorial, the guide will only make sense if you read each section sequentially. The links above allow you to jump to particular points in the tutorial, but they are merely provided to make navigation easier. If you try skipping pages the later sections of the tutorial may not make sense.

I trust I have made the wording as basic as possible. I'm sure you will discover some very interesting and vital information along the way.


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