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6th December 2003 Babbitt-LA, free version 2.0, public release.
16th November 2003 Changes for new lottery hardware:
• Changed all software to use a dynamically-loaded list of lottery machines.
• Added text file that configures the list of machines and number of sets-of-balls.
21st October 2003 Changes for next release:
• Removed 'ball-stats' tool (the first interactive tool I placed on my web-site - now looks out-dated and provides little information).
• Standardised the title-text of result pages.
19th October 2003 Created 'time-trends' tool.
25th August 2003 New feature of the search tool that allows users to configure how many combinations to find.
2nd August 2002 Babbitt-LA, free version 1.3, public release.
1st August 2002 Changes for next release.
• Improved the robustness of the automatic-update parser to changes in input format.
• Fixed problems with the save facility in the Update Draw Data page.
• Better off-line help - improved the format of the pop-up window.
26th May 2002 Babbitt-LA, free version 1.2, public release.
25th May 2002 Changes for next release.
• Added manual update feature.
- users can now enter new lottery results without having to connect to the Internet.
• Fixed bug in data collation - machines Galahad and Guinevere were being confused.
• Better off-line help - now displayed in pop-up windows.
7th April 2002 Babbitt-LA, free version 1.1, public release.
6th April 2002 Finalised changes for next release.
• Improved look and feel of the collation form.
• Form elements are greyed-out when their use is not appropriate.
• Fixed aesthetic bug in count tables where large totals caused a colouring error.
24th March 2002 Completed upgrade work based on feedback from users.
• Form settings are remembered as user navigates between pages and when they re-open the application.
• Fixed bug in search tool where the bonus-ball checkbox was being misinterpreted.
• Search result page suggests ways to improve search coverage.
• Fixed problem with search results page - each result is output to a new page.
• Adjusted the grey-scale colours used in the count tables.
• Changed the page skin.
9th March 2002 Babbitt-LA, free version 1.0, public release.
20th February 2002 Started work on Babbitt-LA.
• Web pages made to run locally (without the need to connect to the Internet).
• Program handles new machines and sets of balls.
• New page created to obtain and update draw data.
• Added a license agreement page, shown to the user before running application.
• Code made more robust so that un-expected user actions are handled gracefully.
28th August 1998 Minor changes to query page.
Prepared site for hibernation.
19th January 1998 Added option to invert the rating, since users may like to assume combinations drawn most frequently are less likely to appear in the future.
June 1997 Rating values are now exponential. Better combinations have a much higher rating value, which allows the search algorithm to prune off worse combinations more quickly.
All processes are now performed in the background.
April/May 1997 Program re-written in JavaScript - this allows visitors to the web site to preform their own analysis.
October 1996 Invented numerical method of assigning a rating to a pair of balls based on their previous meetings.
Devised scheme to rate lottery lines by combining pair-ratings.
Added search facility to find the best combinations.
Web-site updated with top 20 combinations for each machine and set of balls.
September 1996 Program re-written in Ada - analysis can be performed more quickly through this compiled language.
Added feature to generate results in HTML.
Created initial lottery site showing a table of most commonly drawn pairs.
March 1996 Due to the growing size of my statistics, I created a program written in BASIC for my home microcomputer.
The program stored all lottery data and output a tally of ball numbers for a given machine or set of balls.
December 1995 At the request of friends and relatives I began recording the lottery results.
Marking the results in a log book, I kept a tally of balls drawn by each machine and with each set of balls.

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