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Babbitt is a lottery result analyser, written for the UK National Lottery.

Babbitt has a number of features, including ...
  • Filter search data to analyse draw data on specific dates and/or specific machines and/or sets of balls
  • Perform simple draw queries to analyse draw patterns for a particular ball
  • Unique graphical charts that use ascending colours to highlight the most common patterns
  • Analyse trends in ball appearances
  • View the 'dormant' and 'active' periods a ball or combination has passed through
  • Rate combinations using past paired-ball frequencies
  • Choose between four rating schemes that interpret past draw data in different ways
  • Search for the best rated combinations
  • Check tickets for winning lines
Babbitt is not a random number generator. The software applies mathematical functions to paired-ball frequencies to rate combinations. The derivations of the rating functions are included in the download so you can read and evaluate the schemes for yourself.

Babbitt is easy to download and use. The 15-minute on-line tutorial will show you how to use the program to it's full potential. Babbitt runs in a series of web-pages, so there is no installation procedure - just open the page.

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