Panoramic view from Frankley Beeches
Labelled view: part 1

1 Perrotts Folly   (5.25 miles)
One of two towers thought to have inspired JRR Tolkien for his Lord of the Rings trilogy. You'll need a good pair of binoculars to see this landmark. (more info)

2 The Oratory at Edgbaston   (5.25 miles)
Located just a hundred yards or so down the road from Perrotts Folly.
Constructed between 1907 and 1910 as a memorial to Cardinal Newman, founder of the English Oratory. You can just see the green dome with the naked eye.
JRR Tolkien lived here for about seven years.

3 BT Tower   (6.4 miles)
Completed in 1969, this telecommunications mast stands 152m tall. The structure is designed to withstand the explosion caused by a 1 Megaton atomic bomb being detonated as close as a mile to the tower.
4 Alpha Tower   (6.2 miles)
Alpha Tower was designed to resemble the Pirelli Building in Milan. It was completed in 1973 and housed the headquarters of ATV. The television studios here were home to shows such as Crossroads and Tiswas.

5 The Rotunda (The Bullring)   (6.6 miles)
Possibly the most famous building in Birmingham. The cylindrical structure was completed in 1965 as part of the Bullring Shopping Centre complex. The top floor was built to rotate and was originally intended to be a restaurant. It is currently under going a re-fit to convert the offices into luxury apartments.

6 Beetham Tower   (6.2 miles)
The Beetham Tower on Holloway Circus is the latest luxury hotel to open in the city centre. At 400ft high it is the tallest building in Birmingham and, at the time of writing, the tallest building outside London.