Panoramic view from Frankley Beeches
Labelled view: part 2

1 Chamberlain Clock Tower   (4.2 miles)
A 100-metre-high clock tower in the centre of the Birmingham University campus, which commemorates the University's first Chancellor, Joseph Chamberlain. (photo)

2 Birmingham University Great Hall   (4.1 miles)
The dome of the Great Hall is clearly visible next to the clock tower. Birmingham University was the first civic ("red-brick") university in England. The Great Hall was completed for the opening of the University in 1900 and formed part of the original campus, which has since expanded across 250 acres.
3 Bournville Estate   (3.4 miles)
The Cadbury factory, located in the valley of Bourn Brook, is not visible but there is much more to Cadbury's legacy than a chocolate factory.
Cadbury believed the happiness of employees was key to a productive workforce. At his own expense work on the Bournville village began in 1879 and offered working-class people middle-class homes. All houses came with a large garden and Cadbury provided other recreational facilities including a gym, cricket pitch and park land. Add to this the village green, complete with bandstand, church & school and it is fair to say Cadbury developed an entire, sustainable community.
The architects of the Bournville estate later moved south and used this blueprint to build the Garden Citys around London.

4 Frankley Reservoir   (0.7 miles)
One of two reservoirs at the base of the hill. Frankley Reservoir (or rather the adjacent water works) is significant because it is the end of the Elan Aqueduct - a 70 mile-long pipe that pumps water from mid-Wales into the West Midlands. Half of Birmingham's drinking water comes through this pipe, at a rate of 43 million gallons per day.