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Thompson-QM, On-line Tutorial
The Questions Folder
All Thompson's questions are stored in the data/questions folder within the Thompson root folder.
Navigating to the questions folder in Windows Explorer.
In this folder you will find sub-folders for each of the question categories (NB: if you downloaded the question-master-only version of Thompson you will not have these sub-folders).
You will find (in all versions of Thompson) a readme.txt file, which contains a copy of the instructions for creating questions.
Creating a new Category
To create a new question category you simply create a new sub-folder in the data/questions folder.
Initially, of course, there will be no questions in this category.
Creating a new Question
Thompson exclusively uses picture questions.
So for each new question you will need a picture/photo of an object.

The image must be in either JPG (JPEG) or GIF format.

Move or copy the image file into the question category sub-folder. Then rename the file so the file name is the name of the object - i.e. the name of the file is the answer to the question.
E.g. a photo of a book would be saved in an image file named book.jpg.

Capitalisation of the file name is not important. Thompson does not apply case-sensitive letter matching.

However it is important not to use spaces in the file name.
Use an underscore (_) character in the file name to represent a space in the answer.

Finally, you can add multiple images of the same object by appending a number to the file name to make it unique.
For example, if you had 3 images of different books you can make Thompson use these 3 images and accept the same answer, B-O-O-K, for each.
Do this by saving the 3 images as:

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