iOS or Android and Chrome
Hover. Aim. Fire!
Manoeuvre your helicopter by tilting your mobile device. Chase down your opponents to clear each level in the fastest time.
IE Only
Have you the mental speed and skill?
The most un-tetris block game ever invented. Battle against the clock with this arcade version of Magnetron including new features, extra levels & keyboard controls.
Clean up down-town WebVille ... click to kill.
Shoot the snipers and save the civilians as they pop up in the windows of K's warehouse. There are three different game modes to test your speed, skill and accuracy. But whatever you do, don't forget to reload!
Save cyberspace from the evil AREE.
In this mini-adventure game you must explore the peaceful realm of cyberspace to find the truth behind the threat of destruction. As you play, the adventure world revolves around the LED sun. The silicon city will be asleep if you don't time your journeys to coincide with opening hours & the ferry timetable. Some of the inhabitants of the city also need your help. Complete these sub-quests to gain extra points.
Not for Mobiles
Put your mouse control skills to the test.
Run the pointer round the hen pen collecting eggs & returning them to the basket - careful you don't trip and smash your clutch!
Take on this old but none-the-less challenging puzzle.
Try to slide the picture tiles back to order in less moves than it takes the computer to shuffle them. There are three different pictures to assemble.
An attractive puzzle game for the new millennium.
Use the magnets to remove the metal boxes from the pit avoiding the bombs as you go.
Test your wits against the most famous songs sung sideways!
Decipher the cryptic lyrics to some of the greatest hits over the past 4 decades in order to name that song.