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B'am is a library of low-level utility classes. The collection is mixed, but the classes in B'am can be thought of as an extension to those classes defined in the java.** packages.

Binary and source code archives are available to download. A full set of detailed JavaDoc pages is also available on-line.

Highlights include:
  • Support for enumeration types with elegant construction (and backwards compatible to Java 1.2).
  • Swing components to display images. A component that scales the image to fit the available area. Another to overlay a 'floating' image above the standard user-interface at a given pixel location.
  • File manipulation methods, including folder copy, copy-contents, delete and patch.
  • String parsing methods, for converting a String to a Color, Class, File or Enumeration object.
  • An extension to the Java Properties class to parse and validate various types of value, including Color, Class, File and Enumeration objects.
  • A rich set of Comparators for comparing numbers, dates and files.
  • Several image observers to send notification when specific information about an image has loaded.
And if you think that's exciting, wait till you see the JavaDoc!



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